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Texas Hill Country Homes

Save Thousand$ Using Smart Fee

Don't pay too much to sell your home, last year we saved sellers thousands...

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Find out about brokerage services and your rights as a consumer.

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Texas Real Estate Commission Consumer Protection Notice

The Texas Real Estate Commission adopts by reference Consumer Protection Notice TREC No. CN 1-2.

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How Smart Path’s “Smart Fee™” (a.k.a. Flat Fee Realty Burnet Texas) Works

Now there is a Flat Fee Realty in Burnet Texas. In the past, people who wanted to sell their home traditionally had two options:

  1. Sell their home using a Licensed Realtor® and pay a 6% commission. The licensed Realtor that list your home (a.k.a. Listing Agent) earns a 3% commission for listing your home in the MLS, Marketing and negotiating the terms of the sale. The licensed Realtor (a.k.a. Buyers Agent) that brought a buyer to buy your home earned the other half of the 6% commission. So the Buyer’s Agent would get 3% commission. For years this is the norm. So if your home sells for $300,000 you would end up paying $18,000 in commission.
  2. Then you decide you could sell it yourself. Many “For Sale by Owner” (a.k.a. FSBO) markets their home themselves. This typically meant placing classified ads, holding open houses and using word of mouth to try to sell their home. While this enables the seller to avoid the 3% listing commission to the selling (a.k.a. Listing Agent). The FSBO route can be slow, frustrating and usually produce no results. Why you ask? Licensed Realtors® are members of Realtor® Associations that own the Multiple Listing Service (a.k.a. MLS). If your home gets in the MLS it will automatically be displayed in thousands of locations. Also, most buyers go to a Licensed Realtor®, to look for a home. So if you are not in the MLS, that Licensed Realtor® with the buyers will never find your house to show it and even if they do show it to his clients, they will still ask you for a 3% commission in most cases.

The New Option is Flat Fee Listing, Which We Call a “Smart Fee™”

A “Smart Fee™” (a.k.a flat fee listing) enables the seller to market their property on MLS like a traditional agent (option 1), but still control the process (option 2).

Selling your home with the “Smart Fee™” is simple. When you decide to list your home with Smart Path Realty, contact me and I will meet with you at your convenience.  I will provide all of the documents necessary by giving them to you in person or walking you through the online sign up process. I am available to help you with fill out the paperwork. I will answer all of your questions.

I will help you price your home competitively using a comparative market analysis (CMA). The CMA will show you homes that are similar to yours that have recently sold, currently listed or pending sale. After you decide on the asking price, completed filling out documentation, I will go to work and start getting you buyers.

Current Smart Fee™ Price $1,000

Smart Fee™ Features

  • We list your home in Austin and Highland lakes MLS.  Most agents only list your home in one.

  • We syndicate your home listing to over 50 National, Regional and local websites.

  • We provide you an attractive yard sign to let people who drive by know your home is on the market.

  • We install a professional secure key lock box that will allow Realtors® to show your home.

  • I provide personal phone, email, text and web support during this process.

  • I will do a professional CMA (comparable market analysis)  to help you determine the price your home.

  • Coordinate closing activities with title company, buyers agent, home inspectors, appraisers, etc.

  • Negotiate the sale with buyer to assure you get highest price for your home.  I will work hard on your behalf.

  • Photograph your home and put photos on all syndicated websites.

  • Virtual Tour of your home using Tour Factory.

  • Video of your home on YouTube.

  • Flyer box on yard sign and I will refill flyers once a week (or whenever you call and need more).

  • Provide you showing activity reports

  • Provide you consultation on the best way to stage your home to sell it for the most money.

  • I will answer all your questions.

After you pay for your “Smart Fee™” package, I will add your home to the MLS (usually within 24 hours). After your listing is active in the MLS, I will provide an electronic lockbox to be placed at your home so Licensed Realtors® can show your home to their clients. I also provide you with a professional Yard Sign that shows your home is on the market.

You can either show your home by appointment only or allow a Licensed Insured Professional Realtor® to show your home. If a Realtor® shows your home, we suggest that you allow them to be alone with their clients. Realtors® are professionals that know how to answer clients professionally and legally. Smart Path usually recommends that you leave when a Realtor® is showing your home.

Also as a note here, when people are want to look at homes, they do not want to make appointments. They want to see it now. So we suggest you allow agents to show anytime by calling you and giving you a notice that they will be there at a certain time. This is the best way to get exposure to your home.

Once you get an offer on your home, you will need to decide if it is acceptable.  In the Smart Fee™ package you get full negotiation service from your Smart Path Realtor®.